Yes, even in the UK, the economics add up.

With the development of more efficient Solar Panels, the cost of production decreasing as the volume goes up, add in the Governments Residential Feed in tariff and all of a sudden Solar Power for your home makes good economic sense.

What this means is that you can Get Paid to Generate Your Own, Clean, Green Electricity for the next 25 YEARS!

In April 2010, the Government introduced a scheme whereby they will pay a tax-free index-linked income for generating Solar PV electricity even when you use it all yourself.

The guaranteed, index-linked feed in tariff that you get paid means that you can receive returns of 8% or more per annum on your investment.

As an example, an average house can install a Solar PV panel that will produce an average of 2.4kw, giving an output of around 2000 kwH per year, under the new scheme, the Government will pay you 41.3p per kwH even if you use it all yourself, giving you an income of £830 per year, if used say 50% of that yourself, you would also save in the order of £130 per year off your current electricity bill and you would also be paid 3p per kwH for feeding the unused electricity back in, – remember when you aren’t at home using the power – businesses are, so giving you another £60 per year income – net income £1020 per year. – what

If this starts to make some sense, (or even if it doesn’t!) and you would like to find out more about whether your house is suitable for a Solar PV installation, then investigate the facts for yourself – go here and download your free guide, or call Bob Gray on 01225 810411 for free personal advice.

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